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The Teams Top Tips

The Team's Top Tips!

Catherine's Keep Fit Tip: Regular Walker?  Shock your body, change your route to one with more hills or steps you will be suprised at the difference it makes.

Patrick & Kevin's Gardening Tip: It's Time to Protect your Shrubs from the frost and wind damage, erect a wind break to protect them from prevailing winds.  Be sure to remove this once spring arrives.

Annette's Energy Saving Tip:  Turn your heating off for 1 hour a day.  Once your house has heated up turn the heating off for 1 hour and turn it back on again. The only difference you will notice is in your heating bill!

Brid & Eileen's Cleaning Tip: For the Perfect Smear Free Glass Cleaning Solution, Mix Some vinegar and Water 

Teddy's Tasty Tip for Seafood Chowder:  Ask your local fish shop for a bag of mixed fish bits that way you get a great variety of fresh fish for your chowder and remember don't overcook the Seafood as it will  become tough.

 Liz's Baking Tip: Ensure your oven is always pre-heated to the correct temperature to allow for perfect baking everytime!